Payment terms


Payment Terms and Conditions:

(1) Cost of the actual estimate provided by our technician that requires a physical visit, if applicable is paid in advance. Once the estimate is accepted, the cost of the estimate is subtracted from the invoice.

(2) Once the estimate is accepted, an agreement is signed with the project specifics along with actual designs and dimensions between both parties. 

(3) Fifty percent of the estimate amount is payable in advance.

(4) Balance of forty percent is payable upon delivery.

(5) Balance of ten percent is payable upon completion of the project.

(6) Any changes from the original estimate requires a supplementary estimate, another agreement duly signed by both parties with payment in advance. 

The agreement is signed in good faith and we take pride in providing the best product to our clients in a timely manner. However there maybe unlikely instances beyond our control including "Acts of God" to deliver the product within a certain time frame and we will keep the client updated with the progress of their orders. We strive for excellence and it is our utmost desire to deliver your orders and meet our time commitment per the agreement.