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When you are conducting Business in your Office,
When you are sitting across the Conference Table,
When you are relaxing at home
Or Whenever an Opportunity Knocks at your Door
 It is our utmost desire to make you feel, you made a Smart Choice!
-Ahsan Bashir, Zarak Inc.-

The World is no longer big to order your quality furniture for less and get it delivered to your door step. We make it possible for you to custom design and bring your furniture of choice economically and hassle free. Zarak Wood Factory in Islamabad manufactures and delivers your choice to any city in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates or across the Gulf Cooperation Council  (GCCمجلس التعاون الخليج.) Select your quality furniture on our website, let us quote you a price in your local currency and allow Zarak Logistics deliver it to your door step. Want your own furniture design? Send us an image and let us quote you a price to deliver your choice in superb quality based upon your budget with a selection of local or imported wood. Contact us today, it is our guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

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Zarak Wood Factory in Islamabad, Pakistan is operating under the umbrella of Zarak Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd and is part of Zarak Group of Companies. Head Quartered in the United States of America and currently with Branch offices in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, Zarak Group is currently headed by Ahsan Bashir with over 25 years of successful, extensive and an International/Multi-cultural diverse background in Management, International Trade, Strategy, Marketing, International Business, Finance, Construction, Risk Management, Benchmarking, Accounting and Business Consulting.

Our combined business professional experience with our key team players together in Construction, Consulting, International Trade, Real Estate Development, Land Acquisition, Architecture, Design and Project Management exceeds over two centuries. 

Zarak Group, among other items, is an Exporter of hand picked quality Wood from North America. Zarak Builders & developers Pvt. Ltd. "dba Zarak International Pakistan" is an Importer of Quality Wood to Pakistan. Zarak International UAE, based in Ajman UAE, among other items  is an Importer of wood from United States and an Importer of doors and furniture to The United Arab Emirates. With the help of a team of Timber/Lumber professionals across the globe, we bring a range of quality wood/lumber/timber to your door step. Whether you are interested in logs, cut and dried dimensional wood or interested in our manufactured wood products, we have a solution for you. 

For finished products, we have a great collection of new and exciting designs for solid decorative wooden doors which we have thought upon in depth and put these ideas into a work of art.

We have invested in a 40,000 sq.ft factory in G-12 Sector, Capital Territory Islamabad, Pakistan with easy access straight from Kashmir Highway, keeping in view, a centralized access to all major cities of Pakistan as well as an easy access to Ports for shipments to International Destinations. Our factory is utilizing high-end technology machines with capabilities to produce solid decorative wooden doors and furniture. From raw material to all stages of production and up to packing, we have set a high level of quality control in each stage to ensure that our products are of exceptional high quality that are time-tested and pass all International Standards.

Exterior doors, especially front doors give visitors the first impression as they enter the home, and its importance should not be overlooked. Using only the finest material available, we can match a historic door or manufacture a contemporary entry to meet your specifications and needs.

Whether your house is a contemporary, or a historic home, we can make a suitable entry. Trims and designs can be added, as well many different options to make your entry special to your dream home or your office. Also choose from our wide range of furniture selection, our promise of commitment to Art, Design, Service and Quality. 

In need of customized doors or furniture in addition to quality wood logs or dimensional wood
We are here to serve you. Contact us today.  

For a detail of our trade licenses domestically and Internationally, visit www.ZarakGroup.com.

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